As we see in facebook, that it can detect & tag persons within a picture. Is there any way to achieve this from Drupal? any module exist?

The main purpose is to verify each user account- so everybody has only one account. Lots of country people don't have any National ID/passport. So, how can we trace their unique identification? Mobile number is a way, bt one person can have multiple numbers.

OR, is there any way, we can scan finger print as iphone6 has that built-in function........

I know i'm asking for too much,,bt I already need that kinda stuff in job :(

Any suggestions are welcome .....please

  • I don't think you can achieve that level of security using facial recognition in a site like this. Even if you could gain control over a webcam for example, someone could just use a picture of someone else when registering a duplicate account – Geoff Feb 23 '15 at 4:29

I didn't think there was a module, but I found one. Take a look at this module. From the project page:

Face Detection module uses the jQuery Facedetection library to provide an image viewer jQuery plugin.

It only has been tested on Chrome, Firefox 3-8, IE 9

  • thanks for your answers. I know about this module. but this module mainly focusing on faces, but not taking any actions. like I can't tag people, it can't compare photo data to say, is this guy Bob? drupal.org/node/910142#comment-5241506 has spoken about the same needs. Can we have someone who can speak of codes :3 ? Please....... It can make the Drupal way to smart than any other CMS too :) – smTanveer Feb 22 '15 at 16:47

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