I just installed Commerce Kickstart and got a prompt to upgrade from 7.x-2.20 to 7.x-2.21. drush cannot update throws error: The commerce_kickstart directory could not be found within the modules directory at [error] /var/www/planetwigs.com/profiles/commerce_kickstart, perhaps the project is enabled but has been deleted from disk. Now, the directory exists and the modules are there. In the GUI I am offered the option to download module, which I did and replaced all modules with new version, just overwrote since I did not modify anything yet and the old sftp method worked, but drush did not. BTW it is impossible to use the dropdown to selected version 2.20


Drush update for commerce kickstart is not just update drush pm-update, but rather:

drush dl commerce_kickstart drush updatedb

Check here

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