I have a view overriding taxonomy term pages with the help of Panels. I defined that pattern in URL aliases : destinations/[term:parents]/[term:name].

Now I'd like to set a clone of that view, slightly different in its filters, with the same panelizer variant (or a variant clone), following URL pattern :destinations/[term:parents]/[term:name]/foo where foo is a fixed word.

How could I do that please ?

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This does what expected.

In the content pane view, Contextual filters : Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth), use the filter value type "Term name converted to term ID"

filter value type "Term name converted to term ID"

In the custom page, in basics, set the path almost as in the question destinations/[term:name]/foo (I abandoned the [term:parents] part, no way).

And in arguments, choose "argument type:term name".

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