Using several different themes, I'm looking to add a generic region to the bottom of each "content" section of my webpage. The code I have so far is. . . . with Social Share being the name of the block.

  • Why you removed code, but leave "The code I have so far is" part? Wasn't it some kind of mistake?
    – Mołot
    Commented Sep 28, 2015 at 21:59

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If you have all of these different themes enabled (and you aren't using something like Panels), then you can simple edit this from the Block administration page (admin/structure/block).

If you want this to be completely removed from configurability, then I would recommend either doing a preprocess function for the content region (or hard-coding, ick, your custom HTML into the region itself).


Add a Block Region

  1. Modify the Bartik theme directly. Of course, this is not the suggested practice. In the Drupal community, we don't modify Drupal's core unless we are applying a patch.
  2. Copy the Bartik theme to the /sites/all/themes directory, rename the theme, and modify it to include the region you desire.

There is a third option, which includes turning Bartik into a base theme and then creating a sub-theme, but that conversation is outside the scope of this tutorial.

In this tutorial, we will make a copy of Bartik and modify it.


Working with Blocks and Regions in Drupal

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