I'm working on a site's structure and I'm not sure where to start. I could use some general advice.

My Goals:

  • Personal and professional groups (organic groups)
  • Two types of user accounts - personal/professional (profile2)
  • Account may contain sub-users i.e. mom dad brother sister (subuser)
  • Users can belong to both personal and professional groups
  • Users can create both personal and professional groups
  • Professional groups and personal groups require different fields

User X belongs to two or three groups using a personal profile but manages a professional group with a professional profile. Or vice versa.

I could put the fields I want in either the group or the profile but I'm not sure which is the better practice. A friend suggested to make a content type for the user profiles to prevent clutter with the user entity. Hell - I may be going about this all wrong.

I'm not looking for step-by-step instructions - just a push in the right direction.


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