Using drupal 5.x. I have a content type I created called "Blog Entry" it has no fields other than the standard title and body. Now I want to be able to place images at arbitrary points in the body of the blog entry and have them appear. I already have ImageField and ImageCache installed for use with another content type. Is there a way I can use those two modules to achieve my goal or do I need to install something like the Image module?

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I found this article which describes one method of doing this. Looks promising not sure if it's the best way. For one I'm not immediately sure how to handle multiple images. How To: Inline Images with ImageField and ImageCache using HTML


Yes I can confirm this works. You can use a single ImageField and check the "Multiple values" checkbox when creating the image field to support multiple images. I named my field "blog_images". Then on the "Display Fields" tab I set the label, teaser, and Full values to all be "<hidden>"

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