I need to print comments belonging to a given node. So basically, get a node id then choose all the comments from a given node and print them. I know that I can print one comment (for example with id=12) using the following code:

$comment = _comment_load(12);
return theme('comment',$comment);

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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If you are looking for a ready to use function, take a look at comment_render().

Example use (say the node you want comments for has nid = 5):

  $node = node_load(5);
 print comment_render($node);

Or else you can manually query the database (comments table) to get all comments that have a matching nid.

  $nid = 5;
  db_query('SELECT * FROM {comments} WHERE nid = %d', $nid);
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If you like to load the complete comment objects you can use this:

$result = db_select('comment')
  ->fields('comment', array('cid'))
  ->condition('nid', $node->nid, '=')

$cids = $result->fetchCol();

foreach($comments as $comment) {
  //do some stuff with the comment
  print $comment->comment_body ["und"][0] ["value"];
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In Drupal 7 and onwards comment_render has been removed. Instead, you can load comments like this.

$result = db_select('comment')
                  ->fields('comment', array('name','subject'))
                  ->condition('nid', $node->nid, '=')
foreach($result as $comment) {
   print $comment;

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