(D7) When a user sends a friend's invitation to another user (User Relationships) the other user, once he logs in, sees a green message that informs him so-and-so sent him a friends request. There is a link that takes the viewer (requestee) to example.com/relationships/received.

However, I have created a view that displays the received requests in a different format. Of course the page view has a different path and I want the user to be redirected to: user/[uid of the requestee]/relationships/received and the requestee only to be allowed to see the requests he received.

I have created a rule (Rules module) as follows:

  • Event: A user relationship has been requested
  • Condition: Relationship has type (friend)
  • Action: Page redirect (user/[requestee:uid]/relationships/received)

[requestee:uid] is in the allowed replacement patterns but it doesn't work. Clicking on the link still takes the viewer to the original path.

What do I do wrong? :)

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If you want to redirect to the current user profile page, you could try using the redirect module with redirect_token

Use tokens in "To" paths in Redirect module.

Then you can redirect from http://example.com/relationships/received to http://example.com/user/[user:uid]/relationships/received

  • [user:uid] and [requestee:uid] don't work as tokens with redirect_token. However, [current-user:uid] does work and it's fine for my purpose. Thanks. :)
    – user14666
    Mar 2, 2015 at 2:19

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