I have a view of nodes. These nodes are connected with users via entity reference. User has a profile (Profile2). I want to display profile fields for all referenced users in single field.

enter image description here


You might need to use something like Views Field View and pass your node number as an argument, then use the reverse relationship to list members.

  • Thanks, I thought that there is a way for avoiding additional module (besides custom coding) but it's probably the only way. Do you know how to display all rows inline (without overriding view templates)?
    – Codium
    Mar 4 '15 at 7:29
  • No I don't, sorry, I think that's exactly what templates are for.
    – Darvanen
    Mar 4 '15 at 7:50
  • Actually it works out of the box, I've just added entity reference field to a view and setted formatter: entityreference_username_profile
    – Codium
    Mar 6 '15 at 2:03
  • Sweet, that's good to know =)
    – Darvanen
    Mar 6 '15 at 2:05

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