I would like to update the product display nodes with taxonomy terms based on the SKU of the referenced product of each node. Is that possible, programmatically?

  1. I know the SKU.
  2. I need to find the product by the SKU of a product display. 1.I update the taxonomy term of the product display accordingly.

I tried to use EntityFieldQuery without success.

If someone could possibly give me an idea on the best approach to do this in DrupalCommerce, or provide a link to the documentation I have missed, it is greatly appreciated. I have lost a day or two googling the wrong questions, apparently.

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Although an old thread, for the benefit of others looking, this could be done easily using views_bulk_operations (VBO). No coding required.

  • Install VBO.
  • Create a View of product display nodes.
  • Add a relationship to commerce product.
  • Add a batch update operations field to the View.
  • Enable the "Modify entity fields" option in the VBO field settings.
  • Add an exposed filter for the product SKU
  • Save
  • Use the batch update operation to check and set the relevant taxonomy term reference field.

I believe you can do this just fine using feeds and commerce feeds. The sku is commonly used as the unique id.

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