First off, I'm a drush newbie, just installed it and now I want to install drupal on my server, so I did a
drush dl drupal --drupal-project-rename=Quaaout
and next I want to do a
drush si standard --db-url='mysql://quaaout:PASS@localhost' --site-name=Quaaout
but I keep getting
ERROR 1044 (42000) at line 1: Access denied for user 'quaaout'@'localhost' to database 'information_schema'
even tho I can login on the shell with
mysql -u quaaout -p
just fine when entering my password and also a show databases shows me the existing information_schema db. Why does it not let me proceed?
I'm on GoDaddy shared hosting with this.


You'll need to create a database first:

mysql -u quaaout -p
create database quaaout;

Then you can continue your drush install adding a db name after localhost:

drush si standard --db-url=mysql://quaaout:PASS@localhost/quaaout --site-name=Quaaout
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