I installed panels, page manager, ctools and page manager redirect.

I made a (panel) page say foo1 - admin/structure/pages/add with variant type Panel. In this I put 5 variants named foo1variant1, foo1variant2, foo1variant3, foo1variant4, foo1variant5,

I also setup a page manager redirect say foo2: - admin/structure/pages/add with variant type redirect. In the end I should give the url it should go to foo1 en into foo1variant3, .

How to do this?

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Variants on the same Page always have the same URL. The variant that is shown is determined by the selection criteria.

If the selection criteria for Variant 1 fails, it moves on to Variant 2.

If the selection criteria for Variant 2 also fails, then it will try to show Variant 3.

The only exception to the 'same URL' rule is if you have optional Arguments (that start with ! instead of %) in which case you can have a url of foo and foo/bar handled by the same page.

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