I have two content types, Forum and Discussion (urelated to the core forum module). The content type Discussion has a node reference to the Forum it belongs named field_forum. I would like to create a views list which show nodes of Forum with no. of comments of nodes Discussion referencing to it.

Apparently, not a problem:

Just create a view of Forum with a reference "Entity Reference: Referencing entity" (A bridge to the Content entity that is referencing Content via field_forum) and then add a "Content: Comment count" field using this reference, set aggregation to on and set aggregation type for this field as sum.

However, my problem is that, even if I DO NOT check the option "Require this relationship" when I create the relationship, still adding comment count field make forums without any discussion to be excluded from the view, while I want all forum to be there, with or without discussions.

If I remove the "Comment count" field, all forums are visible. Strange enough, using the same techniques for counting the discussions works without problems.

This MAY be related to #1349080 but unfortunately it works with or without the patch in #231 (that solves similar problems in other contests).

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Solved using the following workaround (patched #231 of #1349080 required): add a second level relation discussion->comments and then use the aggregation with count distinct operator over the id field of the comments.

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