I am following Install Drupal with PostgreSQL to install Drupal 7 with PostgreSQL.

I'm stuck with the steps that says to use a script called database.pgsql which should be found the Drupal files.

I can't find that file. The directory that should contain it has the following content.


What should I do to install Drupal 7?

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I am not sure this tutorial is up-to-date. You don't need to load database scheme, you can just choose to use PostgreSQL when running the installer at /path/to/drupal/install.php

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    Well, is PostgreSQL installed and running on your machine? Here's my screenshot from my local dev environment: i.imgur.com/qNic5Mm.png It clearly shows the PostgreSQL option, I am running PostgreSQL 9.3 locally.
    – Paul
    Commented Mar 19, 2015 at 6:37

There are two extensions for using PostgreSQL with PHP: the pgsql extension and the pdo_pgsql externsion. The first is required by Drupal 6, while the latter is required by Drupal 7.

I enabled it in the php.ini file and Drupal can now use the PostgreSQL database during installation.


The tutorial hasn't been updated and it contains instructions that are for Drupal 4.7.x, since it's Drupal 4.7.x to come with a database.pgsql file. Drupal 5.x doesn't have that file and its installation instructions don't include that step; the installation.txt file also says:

As of Drupal 5.0 installation has been automated by an install script. It is no longer necessary to manually edit the "settings.php" file, and database tables are created automatically.

In Drupal 5 and successive versions, it's enough to have the required extensions to access the database installed and enabled.

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