When hook_installing a new custom node type filled with custom fields I call field_create_instance($instance) where I also set the custom fields' display like so:

'display' => array(
  'default' => array( // view mode
    'label' => 'hidden',
    'type' => 'text_default'
  'teaser' => array( // view mode
    'label' => 'hidden',
    'type' => 'hidden'

I also added a body field via node_add_body_field($type) but where can I set that body's display properties programmatically? Per default it's set to be displayed in the teaser view. I want to hide it.


You can access and alter the view mode configuration via field_bundle_settings(), (which is basically a shortcut to variable_get and variable_set):

$bundle = 'my_node_type';
$bundle_settings = field_bundle_settings('node', $bundle);
$bundle_settings['view_modes']['teaser']['custom_settings'] = true;
field_bundle_settings('node', $bundle, $bundle_settings);
  • Is it possible this doesn't work for Drupal's body field?
    – leymannx
    Oct 14 '15 at 7:00
  • Body is a field just like any other (you can even remove it). A common problem during installation are stale caches. Try to run your steps over multiple processes/requests first. Oct 14 '15 at 10:01

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