I have 3 Drupal sites installed and I've developed a simple "hello-world" command that just does the following:

drush_log(getmypid() . ' Hello world!', 'ok');

When I run drush @sites hello-world I get the following error message:

Could not find a Drupal settings.php file at sites/default/settings.php

Please note that the command is working fine when run for a specific site.

drush -l test1 hello-world

I was under the assumption that Drush @sites alias should be available by default. Is it not?

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    I presume from your second example that you have set your --root, perhaps implicitly via cd /path/to/drupal. @sites should work as you have described. What version of Drush are you using? Please try again with today's master, and file a bug if it's still not working correctly. Mar 17, 2015 at 16:36

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I just tested this on HEAD of today's master branch of drush, and drush @sites status worked fine for me with no sites/default folder. Try upgrading to drush 7.0-alpha9.


Do you have a site at sites/default or do you only have 3 subsites that are in 3 other folders?

@sites (i believe) makes certain assumptions. Such as "there is a default site directory" and others ... If your site folders are structured otherwise then you need to something like:

drush @test1 hello-world

Also note that aliases are defined in Drush Site Alias files. So for example my @test1 alias would need to be defined previously for drush.

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