Is there any way to alter the default Drupal 7 image fields to allow a browse server option along with the default upload file option? Kind of like imce or ckfinder but for image fields instead of content (text) fields.

It seems like this could be pretty useful and I don't really see any modules that offer this kind of functionality.


You could use the FileField Sources module. To browse the server it looks like you need to use this with IMCE. From the FileField Sources project page:

The FileField Sources module expands on this ability by allowing you to select new or existing files through additional means, including:

  • Re-use files by an auto-complete textfield
  • Attach server-side files uploaded via FTP
  • Transfer files from a remote server (cURL required)
  • Select existing files through the IMCE file browser
  • That looks perfect. I'll test it out now. Thank you. – Chance G Nov 10 '11 at 17:28

Laxman answer is correct for file fields, but as per this topic, FileField Sources is not working with drupal default image field(as per jan 2 2018). For default drupal 7 image field, you should use IMCE for FileField instead: after installed the module, go to configuration page of your image field, and check "Allow users to select files from IMCE File Browser for this field" checkbox.

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