I have a Commerce product and there are two price fields. (Original price and Sale price). I would like to display original price as line-through text when sale price is available. Therefore I would like to add a custom class to a field based on another field value(boolean), I looked at this function, hook_entity_view_alter, but I don't know whether it will be good.

Anyone has idea how do I solve this?


I've never used the commerce module but that sounds possible, you need to create a module for the hook to be triggered from.

Then, with the devel module installed use dpm($build, $type) within the hook to see the correct names (I've put in dummy values in CAPS) and do something like:

function MYMODULE_entity_view_alter(&$build, $type){
  if ($type =='product') {
    if (isset($build['SALE_PRICE']['VALUE'])) {
                $build['PRICE']['attributes']['class'] = array('on-sale');

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