I am trying to programmatically create beans in a custom module using entity_metadata_wrapper. This is creating a bean for each installed theme. (In Drupal 7)

Is there a way I can create only one instance of the bean block?

for example in my database it creates a bean block for

  • my subtheme
  • omega
  • seven

I would like to only create one block/bean for my subtheme. I am then using mymodule_beans_block_info_alter(&$blocks, $theme, $code_blocks) {} to then change region location and other block parameters.

function bean_ctas_enable(){
    foreach(bean_ctas_info() as $bean_content){
        $bean_ids = array();
        $bean = bean_create(array('type' => 'block_cta'));
        $bean_wrap = entity_metadata_wrapper('bean', $bean);
            'value' => ($bean_content['field_text']),
            'format' => ('full_html'),
            'url' => ($bean_content['link_url']),
            'title' => 'Read More',
        $bean_ids[] = $bean_wrap->bid->value();
        //set variable to store bean ids
        variable_set('bean_ctas_bean_ids', $bean_ids);

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I used hook_block_info_alter(&$blocks, $theme, $code_blocks) to alter the blocks in my custom modules .module file

inside of my hook_block_info_alter i wrote an if statment

if($blocks['bean'][$key]['theme'] == variable_get('theme_default', '0')){}

to make sure I was only altering regions only for my default theme

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