If I export a content type that has fields specified in the comment of the content type the fields of the comment are not exported.

How do I export those fields that I specified in the comment?

(In my case a have a Workflow status field specified in the comment)

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I Managed to do this with the help of the Strongarm module.

In the variables table there are fields like:


for example: field_bundle_settings_comment__comment_node_my_content_type comment_default_per_page_my_content_type ..etc

I just selected all of them. It would be better of course to work out what is stored where.

Also in Features in field instances I found fields like: comment-comment_node_my_content_type-comment_body ..

In Features field_base I found something called comment_body

Exporting those seemed to be everything. (Not too convenient to hunt fields and whatnot and maybe miss something..)


user3027622 - thank you - I would like to add to your response a little, to explain how this problem can be solved using drush.

I also found that the Comment fields (in particular, the order in which the fields were displayed) were not being exported.

I did this to solve the problem.

# see which component types are available
drush fc

# search for components we want to export
drush fc variable | grep comment
drush fc field_instance | grep comment

# export the components to my feature
drush fe myfeature variable:field_bundle_settings_comment__comment_node_partner_video_page variable:field_bundle_settings_comment__comment_node_video_page field_instance:comment-comment_node_partner_video_page-comment_body field_instance:comment-comment_node_video_page-comment_body

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