Does anyone know how to include a center alignment option for images in ckeditor?

The image below shows what I see:

enter image description here

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Should be possible using the 'new' image plugin "Enhanced Image" which relies on the powerful widget plugin, introducing the Widget API and its capability of handling 'templates' within CKEditor.

PS: See also this discussion about centering images with CKEditor. And here you can customize your CKEditor build with different plugins etc.


The standard ckeditor alignment just adds a CSS float left or right, there is no float:center in css. You could add the plugin to ckeditor and that will give you more options.

A plugin is being worked on for this at the moment. You could download the beta and give it a shot. It goes in the


You'll need to install the plugin and add some javascript to make it work. There's another post here that shows the process for the justify plugin: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14782152/inline-ckeditor-toolbar-has-no-alignment-buttons-for-h2-elements/14810988#14810988

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