I am trying to export configurations from one Drupal site to other. This is not a one time operation, I will need to do this multiple times and Single Import, Simple Export is not an option as there will be changes to many files.

Is there any stable alternative to Features module?

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  • Hello, same issue, it's for share themes (with data, structure, block and demo content) ? – Axel Briche Mar 25 '15 at 12:26

There are multiple options available but please note that all of them are still in active development.

Config Inspector As the name suggests it lets you inspect the configuration under a menu item in Administration > Reports

Config Devel

This module lets you both import and export the configurations code. You have settings page where you need to enter the absolute path of the files that will be imported or exported. If you want to get an idea of the filenames you can do a full site export from admin/config/development/configuration/full/export and checkout the file names. Please make a note that you need to give the full path of the files here.

If you have entered the file names correctly in Export Configuration, then whenever the respective settings are changed the changes will be written to the respective yaml file.

If you have entered the file names correctly in Import Configuration, then whenever the respective yaml files are changed the changes will be imported into the active storage.

This module can be helpful to track the configuration changes during the development stage and play around with them.

Config Tools

If you want to save the configurations of the site in code and be able to track it using git, you can use this module. It is very similar to the Config Devel module. I would prefer config devel module personally.

Config Update Module

The main use case is: You update a module, and it has either changed default config that it provides, or added new config items. You want to be able to import the new items, view the differences between the site config and the changed config, and possibly "revert" (or it may be an update) to the newly-provided default config.

Config Reset Module

This module is similar to Config Update Module. Personally I would prefer Config Update Module as it is being used by Features Module.

Configuration Synchronizer Module

This module is similar to Config Update Module. Personally I would prefer Config Update Module as it is being used by Features Module.

Features Module

This module is actively being developed and I feel it has made some good good progress recently. As of now all the features are programmatically created. It has good drush integration. If you want to create a custom feature you must use drush features-add command.

Foot Note : If you are trying to export all the settings from one cloned site to other check out What are cloned sites in Drupal 8?

Bonus Links : If you have not yet understood CMI check out Alex Pott's articles:

  • Hello, thank you, but it's possible to share a config with an existing website with existing content ? – Axel Briche Mar 25 '15 at 12:33

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