I use leaflet map for displaying markers, like that :

My actual view - filter criteria :

- Content published
- Content - Has taxonomy term AND
- Content - Has taxonomy term AND
Content type = 1 OR
Content type = 2

But now, I want display vectors with a third content type. It works without filters (taxonomy), and add all taxonomy terms to my third content, it's an ugly solution.

Do you have a solution ?

edit : drupal doesn't understand this setup enter image description here


It looks like you want to make more distinct and/or groups. If using Drupal 7, here is a clear explanation of how to do it (see the accepted answer): How can I do with Views and Drupal 7 what the Views Or module does in Drupal 6?

If using Drupal 6, the Views Or module can do the same thing.

If I understand your problem, the solution would be to put the first 2 Content Types in a group with the Taxonomy Term filters, then use a separate OR group for your 3rd Content Type.

  • "And/or groups" in "And/or groups", it's possible ? Otherwise, the solution was a cuton SQL Query ? – Drupalito Mar 26 '15 at 15:13

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