The following page setup is needed: A block (at the left, see image) with links to node-add forms, which open inline (the area at the right) in the current page.

The reason why the form needs to appear inline, is that this page is part of a group and the layout of the group and group menu and all must stay the same

I tried to create a Panel page variant for the node add form, but the minipanels that I use in node panels are not available there.

I thought about using an iframe, but that is not recommended generally, especially not for mobile use.

I can't find modules that are specifically suitable for this purpose, but I might have missed some.

What way could I accomplish this setup using javascript/jquery ?

enter image description here


Panels is definitely the way to go here.

  1. Using Page Manager set up a URL with an argument, like mypath/%node-type
  2. Set the argument to be Node add form: content type
  3. In the content area you can rearrange the form how you like or just add the whole node creation form by using the elements under form in the add content screen
  4. Make either a custom pane or a menu of links that point to the various node types:

    • mypath/article
    • mypath/event
    • mypath/document
    • mypath/video

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