I've installed a drupal commons site (7.x-3.23). I'm trying to give ability to choose on group creation if the group content will be visible or not from non-members of the group. So i've activated organic group access control, rebuilt permissions, added in OG the field 'group content visibility' to the commons group bundle. When i go to the group content type i see the field so it must be OK. But when i create or edit a group, i never see the option for privacy content. I opened the fields settings in group content type for the content visibility, and all seems fine in spite of the default value which is not displayed.

Can you help me?

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There are two different fields:

  • Group visibility. It only exists for Groups. It controls whether all group content is visible to non-members by default.
  • Group content access. It only exists for Group content. It controls whether a particular node in the group is visible or invisible to non-members, or whether it should leave that decision to the default setting of the group.

Check whether your group has a group visibility field and whether you have the permissions to edit it, and if not, add that field via /admin/config/group/fields and grant the right permissions to edit it.

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