I have a client who needs to update their drupal site almost exclusively from their iPhone and iPad. They need to be able to upload images from iOS Photos. I have some ideas on how to approach, but I'm wondering if anybody in the community has encountered this situation and can suggest a combination of theme & modules that will help me get most of the way there. thanks


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I don't know about the qualitiy of this app, but could

Drupad - Drupal on the go (iPhone/iPad App)

help you?

App description:

Features for webmaster

  • Manage any number of websites
  • Create and edit content (CCK, Fields API support)
  • Search and edit user accounts
  • Read, post, moderate comments
  • Moderate your content
  • Mollom™ support
  • Promote, sticky, publish, unpublish nodes
  • Manage your users, send them email etc.
  • Gravatar™ fallback for User's picture
  • Drag to refresh and to load more content
  • Built-in web browser
  • Optimized to be fast in 3G or Wifi

Consider Adminimal Responsive Admin Theme. Integrated with Adminimal Administration Menu


So after a quick run through of the Admiminal Theme and its co-module Adminimal Administration Menu, I think out of the box its the going to be the right choice for our project. Its working pretty good out of the box, I can upload images from my iPhone 6+ w/ relative ease. I was initially interested in the Drupad app, but it looks like its not being maintained and is challenging to set up. As I'm doing this work for a client, we need to have an experience that is easy and as painless as possible.

I think Adminimal will get us most of the way there, w/ some modifications and the reasonable amount of customizing and coaxing. Thanks for all that weighed in.

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