i have four sites and use appache solr module to execute search indexing in these four sites , all is ok with me , but the results sort not as i want

i want to sort by fields ......for ex:- get all result that have [field 1] first , then get all results that have [ field 2] ....

in my case , i have some results from [ field 1] then [ field 2] then [field 1] , .... for note (my field type is taxonomy term and all contents in all four sites are the same )


  • i used all available modules and edited in Bias , but still the sorting not as i want , i think there is specific case for taxonomy terms Mar 26, 2015 at 14:52

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A quick Solution may be to use Apache Solr Sort Module.

Per environment setting of grouping per content type/taxonomy/field value/... Allow for a custom amount of items per group (global)

But the best way is to setup a Apache Solr View :

Search API, has a Solr integration module, which will allow you to setup a View with exposed filters and full text search. With the flexibility of Views, you should be able to setup the view to allow the users to sort as they wish.

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