I know, for links to be ajaxified they need to have a class: "use-ajax" and a proper url which has its own callback. For example:

<a href="ajax-reader/nojs/1/2015-03-05" class="use-ajax ajax-processed">Ajax Link</a>

If the link was statically created on the server, it works perfectly fine. But whenever I add a new link with the same properties, ajax seems not to work anymore. For instance, if I remove existing link and add a new one with new url parameters:

var ajaxRightUrl = 'ajax-reader/nojs/1/' + lastNextDate;
arrowLinkLeft.append('<a href="' + ajaxRightUrl + '"class="use-ajax"></a>');

It stops being an ajax link. Any ideas why?

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you are probably missing the part to add behaviors to your new elements:

  • Very good, that was it! I had the above code in a separate function outside attach: function (context, settings) So, I had to pass context parameter to my function and use it in your code: Drupal.attachBehaviors('.use-ajax', context); Thanks very much! Commented Mar 29, 2015 at 15:02

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