Is it possible to make a template based on node content? For instance, is it possible to page--[node-type]--%.tpl.php or block--[content-type].tpl.php or page--[content-type]--%. I tried node--[content-type].tpl.php but to no avail. When I use the theme developer module, it shows me that my content is being created as a 'block.tpl.php' template.

What I want to do is theme the content of node name 'vehicle'. I want to put custom headings, styles and classes for divs in, and display suite is not giving me these options. Any other suggestions would be awesome.


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You are right node--[content-type].tpl.php is what you are looking for ,, but you need to get the fields values which can be done with print_r($node) inside the tpl file.

clear your cache to be sure to see the result.

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