I would appreciate any help, I have been searching for a solution for over a week now.

I have tried this tutorial https://drupalcommerce.org/blog/10809/selling-organic-groups-using-drupal-commerce but unfortunately the first component can't be completed because of an error message of data type not matching. Several people have complained about this but I'm yet to find a solution.

I also tried http://s1l.org/selling-access-organic-groups-drupal-commerce but the loop in the component doesn't give me the field that is in the tutorial.

I have also tried the Commerce License module with the Commerce License OG module. It expects the group to exist before the product is created. You are to select the group from a list of groups when creating the product. This doesn't match my use case. My groups are created after a product has been created.

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    I think you will need to explain a bit more detail on your use-case and your end goal.
    – LunkRat
    Apr 2, 2015 at 2:45

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I was able to do this finally by tweaking the tutorial posted on this site: http://s1l.org/selling-access-organic-groups-drupal-commerce. I removed the loop in the components since my field only takes one value and I removed the condition to check if the order has been paid and now it's working.


I think you're struggling because your use case is very specific. I would start by creating Rules components to do just one thing as you can call Rules components as actions in other Rules, etc.

First start by creating a Rules component that assigns the user to the group and work backwards from there.

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