I have a View which is a list of stores and for each store I have a list of products. This is a sample as it looks now:

Ken's Store

Products: Doodles
Products: Daddles

Joe's Store

Products: Acme Hammer
Products: Acme Nails

Stores are a content type and products are a content type. Products has an entity reference to stores. The view is set to Unformatted list and grouping by Content title(store). I'd like the view to group products like this:

Ken's Store


Joe's Store

Acme Hammer
Acme Nails

Setting Content Title (products) as the second grouping field only causes a repetitive title without grouping. How do I get the products to group under the store grouping?

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You can set grouping after any field in the view at the format settings. This should work for this.

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