I am trying to retrieve data from db with INNER JOIN.

I need the following query executed from drupal's db_select(), query is in normal format :

SELECT uo.* , uop.data FROM `uc_orders` AS uo 
INNER JOIN `uc_order_products` AS uop ON uo.order_id = uop.order_id 
     uop.data LIKE '%mfp_donation%'
  OR (
     uop.data LIKE '%scholar_donation%'
  OR (
     uop.data LIKE '%reunion%'

I already tried in drupal, the process is following :

$query = db_select('uc_orders', 'uo')
    ->fields('uop', array('data'));

$alias = $query->join('uc_order_products', 'uop', "uo.order_id = uop.order_id");

$order = $query->condition(db_or()
       ->condition($alias . '.data', '%mfp_donaiton%', 'LIKE')
       ->condition($alias . '.data', '%scholar_donaiton%', 'LIKE')
       ->condition($alias . '.data', '%reunion%', 'LIKE')

All the process is working fine, but the problem is when i execute/fetch the results then i only get the output for ->condition($alias . '.data', '%reunion%', 'LIKE') . I mean i only get the %reunion% part. The first two conditions is not executing i think.

Any suggestion?

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You can use dpq() to inspect your query.
Your query looks good, but I suspect that there's a small error in your condition. You put donaiton, shouldn't it be donation ?

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    Really very very thanks to you for answering. I have also figured out the problem just after i posted this problem. :) Nov 13, 2011 at 3:29

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