I've already a profile with input types but I can not create another, even when I am cloning the profile with input types.

These are my text format, and I using administrator user. enter image description here

This is the list of ckeditor profiles enter image description here

In Test profile, the only text format allowed is PHP code. enter image description here

What could it be?

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It seems to be a problem when creating or cloning a ckeditor profile, the module doesn't insert registers into the table ckeditor_input_format, so we can do that by the following SQL queries

INSERT INTO `ckeditor_input_format` (name, format) VALUES ('<profile_name>','filtered_html')
INSERT INTO `ckeditor_input_format` (name, format) VALUES ('<profile_name>','full_html')
INSERT INTO `ckeditor_input_format` (name, format) VALUES ('<profile_name>','plain_text')

The name must be replaced with the name of the profile you created with ckeditor.

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