I can't create/update nodes, taxonomy, users, etc., with Drupal Services. I can log in, retrieve system connection info and log out. Also, I can retrieve a node, user (all details), taxonomy term, index, etc. I have read a lot of internet pages like this, and this, but It doesn't work for me. I have used firefox httprequester, firefox restclient, but nothing changed.

Thouse are the problems I have:

  • If I send a GET to http:< my path >/node I get all nodes in json format. Good.
  • If I send a GET to http:< my_path >/node/23 I get Status 200 Ok but "[false]" returned. The same with .../23.json. But it I put the same url on a browser I get the node in json format.
  • If I send a GET to http:< my_path >/node?parameters[nid]=23 Then, I get the full json node.
  • If I send a POST to http:< my_path >/node with X-CSRF-token and with the json right data to create a page, I always get 404 error: could not find the controller.
  • If I send a PUT to http:< my_path >/node/23 with X-CSRF-token and with the body data to node[title]=Prueba, I get 401 unauthorized: Missing required argument entity (but I'm logued in as admin as system/connec.json said).

I have checked all items when I configured the resources page of the service configuration. I'm using Drupal Commerce Kickstart installation.

What could I do? Thanks.

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After lot of search and test I have discovered where was the problem. If I enable Universally Unique ID module, I can't create/update entities. If I disable this module, all works good again. So the problem is with this module.

There is another open question about this issue in this link. So I think I should close this. Thanks.

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