I have a search page with a faceted filter on 'Content Type' field.

I basically need to merge some of the content types into one single facet.


  • Content Type A
  • Content Type B
  • Content Type C

Should be turned into:

  • Content Type AB
  • Content Type C

How can I achieve this?

My Drupal setup for this scenario is the following:

Search API + Search API Solr + Facetapi + Views


Although a very late answer but maybe it helps somebody. Here's a great write up with the solution to above use case: How to combine two facets


I fact all you need is

hook_facet_items_alter(&$build, &$settings);

There you can change the queries and hide/show other facets like

      $build['A']['#markup'] = 'NewA';
      $build['A']['#count']  = $build['A']['#count'] + $build['B']['#count'];
      $size = count($build);
      $build['A']['#query']['f'][$size] = 'field_filter:B';

The link in the accepted answer is no longer working, so I don't know how it accomplished the task. But for anyone else trying to solve this issue, I used hook_facetapi_realm_info() to create a realm, hook_facetapi_widgets() to alter the html output from the link, hook_facetapi_url_processors() to define an url processor based on facetapi pretty paths. The whole module can be found here: https://github.com/Coyote6/drupal-7-combined-facet-block

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