My Drupal 6 site has the login form at /user/login. If I'm logged in already and I click it, I'm sent to the Access Denied page (though the login URL stays the same).

I'd like to send such users somewhere else. Anywhere else. /user would be fine. Is there anything I can hook into to achieve this?


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That sounds like a familiar question ... Here is how I was able to solve it so far (not sure if there are better ways to do so ...):

  • within /admin/settings/error-reporting I entered a relative URL like no_access
  • then I created a no_access page, in which I described what might be causing the problem.

For a sample of such no_access page, visit http://www.inpetto.be/no_access (access allowed by anybody ...). Note bullet nr 2 there ...

Makes sense?

  • Thanks, Pierre, both for the answers and the points there. I'm a bit curious about this one, though. My goal is to have a user redirected to a page other than /user/login, if they're already logged in. I am likely misunderstanding your comment, though. Commented Apr 2, 2015 at 2:57

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