I'm running a radio website on Drupal 7 http://punkrockradio.net/ We have podcast that user can listen with Pushtape Player using Soundmanager2 API. I have installed DownloadFile.

I would like to give my user the option to listen to the file or to download it.

Any idea? Thanks in advance

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There are a number of ways you could accomplish this. Some might be better than others depending on your specific requirements.

Since soundmanager2 and downloadfile both provide field formatters the easiest way is probably just to print the field twice, each with a different formatter.

A couple of ways you might do that (this is not an exhaustive list) are:

  • Create a node view with a contextual filter that takes a node ID. Set the filter to use a default value if no value is present and set the default to be the node ID from URL. Then put the field in question in the view twice with the different formatters. Then either manually print the view in your node template or use the EVA module to show the view on the node.
  • Set the field up to display as one of the formatters via the node display settings UI and print it manually in the node template like you would any other field. Then also add a node preprocess function to render the field a second time with the other formatter into a custom variable using field_view_field(). Then print that custom field rendering alongside the other field rendering.

I can possibly provide more detail on those solutions if you have further questions.


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