I use Drupal 7 and the Drupal Commerce module.

My site has 3 roles defined:

  1. Admin, who can publish and unpublish product of affiliate.
  2. Affiliate, who can add the product in the site.
  3. Learner who can see the show the all product and but the product.

My question is related to a learner buying a product which was added by an affiliate:

  • When an affiliate checks the sales reports, then the report is null.
  • But when an admin checks the sales reports, then it displays all functionality in the reports.
  • And a learner can also check the sales reports.

So how can I solve these issues? Why are affiliate sales reports null?

  • Despite my accepted edit of the question, I still not understand the actual question for 100% (consider further editing it), i.e.: (a) Bullet "3." is still not clear and (b) I think the real (and only) question is like "Why does an affiliate get an empty report". Consider further editing your question to address these 2 items please. Commented Apr 30, 2015 at 6:37

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Attempt to answer the "Why does an affiliate get an empty report?" part of your question (which I believe is part of your question): could it be related to some "permission" you have not granted to an affiliate (yet)?

Here are a few links related to permissions that may be helpful:

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