I am using the ckeditor for drupal and the video plugin for it to embed video's to site. I have tried to edit the Video plugin javascript file like below so it will spit out something like this <source scr="" type=""> but have had no luck.

innerHtml = '<cke:source src="'+video.src+'" type="'+video.type+'">';

However once I go to click okay ckeditor or drupal adds a closing slash at the end of the source tag to make it look like this:

<source scr="" type="" />

I have turned off "Correct faulty and chopped off HTML" and it still adds it at the end.

Even when viewing source view of the content editor there is /> present.

Is it ckeditor or drupal adding this at the end of source tags and how can I remove it?

Using CKEditor 7.x-1.16 Video Plugin for ckeditor

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