I have page structures like:

  • example.com/aaa
  • example.com/aaa/a1
  • example.com/aaa/a2

  • example.com/bbb

  • example.com/bbb/b1
  • example.com/bbb/b2

  • example/com/ccc

  • ........

What I need is instead example.com/xxx/x1, I want users to see xxx.example.com/x1

How can I achieve this with a rewrite rule? Or any other suggestions?

Subdomains module does not work for me because it doesnt allow custom subdomains.

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I ended up creating a multisite structure.

  1. Under sites folder I created a folder for each subdomain like: "aaa", "bbb",...
  2. I created a settings.php inside each folder (starting with php tags, do not close it though):
include_once(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) . "/default/settings.php");
$conf['site_frontpage'] = "aaa";

(It inherits the general settings.php file since I dont need very different settings per domain)

  1. Created a sites.php file inside sites folder (again starting with php tags):

$sites['aaa.example.com'] = 'aaa';

$sites['bbb.example.com'] = 'bbb';



xxx.example.com IS a subdomain. It could be set as example.com/xxx/, or xxx.example.com, doesn't really matter. The point is, you are trying to achieve a subdomain structure. And you should be able to set subdomains.

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