I am using Quick Tabs for displaying the image gallery.

In views the FORMAT is Quicktab and the fields are Year ,Month ,Title and Images .

I have a gallery based on Year and month.I need to display the gallery based on year(main tab) under the year tab the month tab should be displayed.

e.g : here under the year i need to display the months entered in the content type.Now in view's Quicktab format option i gave Grouping field Nr.1 as Year.When i tried the Grouping field Nr.2 to Month,the tab is not showing anything or the combination not working.

How can i show the nested tab in Quicktab or can you suggest any alternative ways? This is the layout .

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Try this: - create the view for the month (with the pictures) [field collection module can help you here] - Then you create the view for year and call the MonthView inside

(i know this is not the most advanced response you could get, but my knowledge is basic as i been using drupal since last month)

i hope this can help you.

  • there is VIEWS FIELD VIEW module too.. Jan 5, 2016 at 18:18

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