Is there any Drupal productivity tool that will help me create multiple fields at the same time? I'm taking about about the actual creation of the fields under /admin/structure/types/manage/node_type/fields. I have a hundred of fields to create and it seems tedious to keep hitting the save button every time I create one.

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Just wondering about the use case for hundreds of fields - this seems a bit bizarre. Maybe consider using Field Collections to group similar fields and combine with use multiple values per field on a field collection.

As for a possible solution (although not recommended since a lot of things could go wrong) - if you have many similar fields you could export some "base" fields using features and copy-paste inside the features' files the relevant fields. Clearing cache or feature-revert would create the relevant fields.

  • Not hundreds, just a hundred somewhere around 120. But they are spread across two node types. Yes a lot of them have the same field type, creating even just 20 fields at the same time would already ease my work.
    – joejam
    Apr 6, 2015 at 20:52
  • So go with the copy-paste of features. It's a bit technical: You'd have to make sure all the relevant things are copied and names match (in mymodule.features.field.inc and .info files for example)
    – Amir Arbel
    Apr 6, 2015 at 21:06

Another path that's different from Moo64c's good suggestion using the Features module, is to use the Drupal API to create the fields programmatically using field_create_field() & field_create_instance(). Here's an example tutorial. You can find many different examples over the web.

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