I am trying to create an image gallery from view.

I have a content type called "Photo-Gallery" with fields title of event,year,month and images

I have created a view with this content type and created page with Unformatted list.I am trying to make a gallery based on the following layout. How can i code custom view template?I want this by Year wise and then Month .

Unfortunately i am stuck on half way. Could you please suggest me a proper way to code the view to get the exact result.

enter image description here

Awaiting quick replies.

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You could use Quick Tabs Module along with Views Module to achieve this result.

A simple overview to achieve this might be:

Since Quicktabs uses blocks as tabs, If you create a views blocks for each single items of a content type and then add them to quick tabs manually.

Look through this http://mtt.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/992921-how-to-add-quick-tabs-with-multiple-view-blocks-inside-a-specific-page to get an idea.

  • I have created the blocks for each year and added them to the quick tabs.But the issue is, i need to add the quick tabs when in create a block for each year.Now i can add till 2015 and show the tabs.But next year if i add a node with year 2016 and month January , how could i show it automatically?
    – harikris
    Apr 12, 2015 at 6:10

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