I have a custom content type that is associated to groups. When I create a new item, the URL is /node/add/content_type?gids[0]=xxx, where xxx is the node id of the organic group whose this content will be associated. One of the field of this content type is a user reference. I wanted that this reference is restricted to only members of this group. This should be accomplished easily using "select list" as the widget for the user_reference field and selecting a view which returns just the members of the group as the "View used to select the users:". og_members views seems perfect, but unfortunately it works with urls like /xxx and not ?gids[0]=xxx. I googled a lot and tried several things, even create a new view from scratch, without success. Any help would be appreciated...

  • It helps if you mention your Drupal version! Nov 14, 2011 at 14:56
  • it's drupal 6 with views 2 Nov 14, 2011 at 17:22

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Try Views Arguments Extras that lets you set URL params (gid[0], in this case) as arguments. You can also "push" arguments to the View at the User-Reference field's settings page. You just need to return the URL param to the View. You must configure the View accordingly.

return $_GET['gid[0]'];

You will want to use the Views Module, but it has a learning curve (well worth studying!). Try the video series at Nodeone.se called Taming the Beast. You will emerge as a guru of Viewdom.

Also, there is a closely related question here to look at.

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