I have a base, sub theme, and sub sub theme. I don't want the sub sub themes CSS to be grouped to CSS_THEME due to support for legacy IE browsers and the issues associated with large CSS files.

$value['group'] = 100 = CSS_THEME = (Theme-Layer CSS)
$value['group'] = 0 = CSS_DEFAULT = (Module-Layer CSS)
$value['group'] = -100 = CSS_SYSTEM = (System-Layer CSS)

Possible to add to this with a different weighting?

$value['group'] = 200 = CSS_SUB_THEME = (Sub Theme-Layer CSS)

Adding CSS to separate group.

  // Add sub sub theme css to separate group.
      'group' => CSS_SUB_THEME,

NOTE: not looking for related answers to legacy IE browser limitations as solutions such as css_splitter are already in place, simply can the above be done or is there a good reason you can't.

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May not be the answer you're looking for but have you considered Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation as one of the features is "Prevent more than 4095 CSS selectors in an aggregated CSS file (IE 6-9 limitation)"

  • Cheers Colin but client wont allow this module because it caches differently to standard Drupal. We get around the 4095 issue with css_splitter.
    – Alex Gill
    Commented Apr 8, 2015 at 13:09

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