I have a drupal 7 website that uses a view to show the content. The Content UID shows as a field I can display, but I want to display the username instead. It says "The user authoring the content. If you need more fields than the uid add the content: author relationship" , which I don't understand . Where do I add the content author relationship? thank you,

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it's in the advanced configuration (click on add relationship):

enter image description here

search and select the uid field (this applies also for entity references for instance)

enter image description here

add a new field to the output, select User: name

enter image description here

select the relationship you created earlier (you can have multiple relationships, e.g. if you have multiple entity references)

enter image description here

  • Clicked on Advanced in the view
  • Clicked on Relationships -Clicked on add
  • clicked Content:author
    • clicked no relationship -now in fields theauthor shows up as an field I can add.

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