I have database table which I need to import it in drupal database (basically create a node for each row of database table ) .
The non drupal database has mim Id .
I want to create a node which would have the mim Id == node id
So in all, how can I achieve such that Drupal's ID node will be SAME as article ID (this ID is used in an external media CDN server).

I tried looking at the CDN module but could not find a solution for the same

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Take a look at migrate module and this hands-on guide (disclaimer: I work for that company, so to balance: lullabot's guide ) Both are good to understand everything that's necessary for what you asked.

You might want to consider creating a field_old_node_id field to ease on the transfer if you can't set the ID through this, and use Pages module to create a separate /node/%nid page that uses that field instead to display the node.

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