At our place it was decided to move away from PHP/Drupal (for bad or good) to a Python based solution (Django). One thing we seriously consider is to do a gradual transition and for that I wanted to look at drupy that I have read about some time ago.

But the website www.drupy.com is some advertisement site now and googling drupy got me a lot of videos on youtube. Did this project get renamed? Where can I find information?

Is there some generic transition guide for gradual transition from Drupal?

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The project used to be on www.drupy.net (not .com), but that is an advertisement now as well.

The project was unfortunately discontinued (I like Drupal, but it is hard to move away from if you have to, and sometimes that is the better solution). The remainder can be downloaded from GitHub.


Looks like the maintainer left his domains to expire. The GitHub repo is still up however.

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