How can I enable clean URLs from the SimpleTest setUp() method?

Which .htaccess will be used during a simpletest? I needed to make modifications to RewriteBase to get clean URL's working on the 'non-testing environment', will they carry over to the test environment or do I need to modify .htaccess in setUp() as well?


Did a few tests and here is what I found.

Enable Clean URLs in setUp() method:

function setUp() {
    variable_set('clean_url', 1);

.htaccess from live site is used during SimpleTest. Modifications are not required.

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The above mentioned code will work, If mod_rewrite mod for Apache is enabled. http://drupal.org/node/134439 link will give more info about how to enable mod_rewrite. If it is enabled then it will read .htaccess from live site.

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