Basically I've created a relationship between two content types: Testimonials and Case Study as follow: in Case Study I've created a field Testimonial using the Entity Reference widget.

When I create a case study type of content I can choose a Testimonial to link with this case study. So far so good.

My question is this: When I view the newly created Case Study content, I can only see the title of testimonial but none of the additional field available in the testimonial content type.

In order to view the full content, do I need to create a View for it or is there a way to display the full content as it is?


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You don't need a view for this. Instead, you can set the display settings for your entity reference field to Full display.

On Structure > Content types > My content type > Manage display, for the entity reference field choose Rendered entity as format. You can then have Full content as a view mode.

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